Since our inception in 1969, craftsmanship has been at the core of Cutler and Gross. The kind of craftsmanship that requires generational expertise and a fastidious attention to detail.

The first Cutler and Gross frames were handmade above our Knightsbridge store in London; this philosophy of personal touch has endured for over half a century. Our glasses are now crafted by expert artisans in our Italian workshop in the foothills of the Dolomites – a region regarded as the centre of optical excellence.

What defines a Cutler and Gross frame?

It is not simply the unique designs or the statement details. It’s the time-honoured techniques carried out by optical architects who have spent decades honing their skills, requiring a discipline that few possess.

From start to finish, each frame is guided by a series of specialist hands. Cutting, shaping, tumbling, polishing – the glasses come to light over the course of many months. The journey to perfection can’t be rushed.